Creators of Psychedelic Sound System Dub since 1995

Hi, thanks for stopping by, this is my place to talk to the world about my obsessions and creations.

As Colin Cod I was a founder member of Zion Train, the band, it had been a Sound System before that based in Oxford, but I jumped on board once Zion Train arrived in London and started making original music. I wrote 90% of the music on the first 7 Zion Twin albums, along with the two original Powersteppers albums and Tasslli Players albums. For those early era Universal Egg albums the process was that I would write tracks and Neil Perch and Dave Tench would advise on the best bits and then we go on to mix them with Neil at the controls. In that way we worked as Cod, Tench & Perch for about a decade on multiple albums, singles and remixes.  I left the orbit of Zion Twin in 2001 with a finality that can happen when strong personalities reach the end of a journey, and I took Powersteppers with me.

Since then I've created quite a lot of music, but released very little, and played about 100 gigs across Europe. I've been mostly preoccupied by raising  children and producing Psychedelic Rock music for Sendelica, who I’ve also spent almost a decade with as writer and producer. Now I’m biting the bullet and going out as a solo artist. I’m preoccupied with creating Psychedelic, trance-inducing music with, hopefully, wit and interesting ideas and references attached.

Thanks for checking me out and hope that you find something to enjoy and interest you.

Cheers, Colin.


Music to make you move your feet, fill your heart and spin your head.

Dub is a universe of potential, it explores the relationships between the minds of the players and the possibilities of sound.  In my work I explore the philosophy, craft, science and passion of Dub.

In Dub, everything is possible, each track is its own world of emotional, physical and cerebral exploration and invention. This music plays with time and space, the big picture and tiny detail, at its heart, Dub is creative curiosity, a playground, where works of wonder and crafted from all elements of creative performance. The flesh of a human hand hitting the skin of the drum, the Future sonics of digital innovations in sound, and all the sounds in between. Mixing dubs involves deep commitment to the music of the past and a total belief in the sounds of the future, infinite possible draped in the majesty of sound.




Powersteppers in Session is a Heavyweight Dub Experience

Powersteppers was born into UK Sound System culture, heavyweight Dub for dancing and deep contemplation. With the music of Powersteppers I’m trying to capture the force of repetitive trance inducing rhythm and harness it to psychedelic, organic music and textures. I create intense and thought-provoking music to be played loud and danced to.